Second World Urban Campaign Assembly celebrates new governance and vision

Second World Urban Campaign Assembly celebrates new governance and vision

Nairobi, 4 November 2020 - Eight months after the last face-to-face meeting in Abu Dhabi at the 10th Session of the World Urban Forum, the World Urban Campaign (WUC) Partners gathered yesterday in the second virtual WUC Assembly Meeting. Chaired by Bert Smolders (Arcadis NV), Sri Husnaini Sofjan (Huairou Commission) and Sandeep Chachra (ActionAid India), the assembly attracted 75 participants who joined the lively meeting in order to celebrate the new WUC governance and vision and reflect on future activities.

The meeting was opened by Maimunah Mohd Sharif, UN-Habitat Executive Director. She called upon the WUC partners to support the global advocacy efforts of UN-Habitat in order to implement the New Urban Agenda and achieve the SDG. Ms. Sharif commanded the new vision of the WUC. ‘It is now fit for purpose in order to better contribute to the UN Decade of Action’ she said. ‘ The new WUC vision reinforces the need to achieve tangible results, to achieve the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs in partnership with UN-Habitat’ she added.

The WUC Secretariat presented the new vision of the WUC with the motto ‘Together shaping the future of cities leaving no one behind’ and a renewed mission to ‘contribute in developing solutions and take action in cities and communities in implementing the New Urban Agenda to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs’. Future actions under the WUC should be driven by ambition, collaboration, partnerships and results. With just 10 years to go to meet the targets of the SDGs, the WUC needs to have ambitious goals commensurate with the global effort needed to deliver the 2030 promise under the Decade of Action. The Secretariat also explained the new WUC governance and outlined the new features of the campaign that will help improve engagement and participation.

Sandeep Chachra welcomed the newly elected Partners Constituent Group (PCG) Chairs and Co-Chairs: Christian Huebel (Local and Subnational authorities PCG), Tamara Quiroz Guzman and Circe Gama Monteiro (Research and Academia PCG), Ben Wong and Chris Elisara (Civil Society Organizations PCG), Malick Gaye (Grassroot organizations PCG), Limota Goroso Giwa (Women PCG), Aline Rahbany (Children and Youth PCG), Analia Lourdes Pastran, Claus-Peter Echter and Ishthiaque Zahir Titas (Professionals PCG), Bert Smolders (Business and Industries PCG) and W. Cecil Steward (Older Persons PCG). They introduced themselves to the Assembly to convey their interest and vision for each constituency, determined to work jointly in the Steering Committee, the decision-making organ of the campaign.

In the last part of the meeting, Sri Husnaini Sofjan chaired an open exchange on the future activities of the WUC. Interventions by participants essentially focused on the need for action and impact and how to amplify the voices of all constituencies to implement the New Urban Agenda under the Decade of Action. Measurable targets are needed in order to ramp up ambitions and inspire the community of partners. The WUC partners agreed to make use of the Urban Agenda Platform in order to report on their achievements, continuing to instill action through the Urban Thinkers Campus.

The new elected Steering Committee will start its work at the end of November and will meet on a quarterly basis. Between each meeting, PCG Chairs will engage organizations in their constituencies to agree on specific activities.

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