Share your views - Urban Dialogue on the Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda

Share your views - Urban Dialogue on the Zero Draft of the New Urban Agenda

The online urban dialogue, hosted by the Habitat III Secretariat, will take place in three phases from 9 May to 8 July 2016 in parallel with the informal inter-governmental meetings and stakeholder hearings taking place in New York in May and June 2016. Individuals and organisations from around the world are invited to provide feedback on the zero draft of the New Urban Agenda which is online here

The Habitat III preparatory process started in September 2014 and will continue until the third session of the Preparatory Committee for the Habitat III Conference in Surabaya, Indonesia, in July 2016. During this period, 11 regional and thematic meetings have been held all over the world, mobilizing national and local governments and stakeholders. The Habitat III policy units, that have since submitted their recommendations, were an exercise built on the work of the UN Task Team on Habitat III and the elaboration of the Issue Papers. Informal consultative meetings were held at the UN Headquarters on 25–29 April 2016 and offered an opportunity for member states and stakeholders to express feedback and statements on the conclusions of the Policy Units and the regional and thematic meetings.
This online dialogue endeavours to engage a broader audience to take part in discussions and offer views on the zero draft of the New Urban Agenda as it currently stands given the inputs and feedback from the preparatory process to-date, particularly on two main components: 

Main Topic: A. The Transformative Commitments for a Sustainable Urban Development 
- Leave No One Behind, Urban Equity and Poverty Eradication
- Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Prosperity and Opportunities for All
-Foster Ecological and Resilient Cities and Human Settlements

Main Topic: B. Effective Implementation:
- Building the Urban Structure: Establishing a Supportive National, Subnational and Local Framework
- Planning and Managing the Urban Spatial Development
- Enhancing Means of Implementation of the New Urban Agenda: Financing and other Tools of Implementation
All comments made on the Zero Draft are publicly available in the online Discussion Forum:

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