In view of the far-reaching measures taken in response to the COVID-19 in cities and communities all over the world, the World Urban Campaign (WUC) would like to express our solidarity to those most affected by the pandemic... Read More

ARCADIS / UN-Habitat: Shelter Program COVID-19 support to UN-Habitat

The Shelter Program, the partnership between UN-Habitat and Arcadis consultants and engineers, has over the past 10 years provided pro bono technical support... Read More


Commuting in an Atria is "The Next Level of Mobility". This high capacity 3S cable car system with its elegant and innovative Atria cabin transports up to 34 people leaving no one behind. Based on a modular construction and a maximum of flexibility for customized design... Read More

UN-Habitat / PSUP: Two of Kenya's informal settlements are prepared for COVID-19

Two informal settlements on the Kenyan coast are well prepared for COVID-19 thanks to support from UN-Habitat's Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP)... Read More

URBAN THINK PIECE - JENS AERTS: COVID-19 - Never Again as Before

Virologists had predicted it all. Bill Gates, as one of the brightest and most influential philanthropists, had warned about it five years ago... Read More

URBAN THINK PIECE - FRANK D'HONDT: Post CODIV-19 Territorial scenarios - What could possibly go wrong after this pandemic health crisis?

A considerable part of humanity has been or still remains in physical lockdown within their houses, towns, cities and countries, with diverse... Read More

ACTIONAID: Help us support COVID-HIT Families

With the spread of the Covid-19 infection, and the necessary lockdown announced by State Governments and the Union Government, ActionAid Association (AAA) has also intensified efforts to respond to the crisis... Read More

DREAMTOWN: Green Ghettos: A beacon of hope in COVID-19 Lockdown

TGhetto Go Green is a climate change campaign that promotes youth led urban adaptation mechanisms in the ghetto communities of Kampala, Uganda. The campaign aims to attract... Read More

ENDA: A Challenge for Mankind: Standing up together and Rebuilding the World

The pandemic which is caused by the Corona virus (or COVID-19) continues to spread to all continents, and almost to all countries. It shows how human beings are fragile when faced with natural... Read More

ESAF: Relief Riders

Since then movement of vehicles have been severely restricted and only a few shops in the neighborhood are being allowed. This has caused a deficit in supply of essentials from the normal. The most vulnerable population to the infection is the elderly and people with medical conditions... Read More

GLOBAL FORUM ON HUMAN SETTLEMENTS: The library of Global Forum on Human settlements to be published in 2020

When we are compiling the Library of Global Forum on Human Settlements, the COVID-19 started, spread... Read More

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: Why SDG11 is more important now than ever before

A decent home provides a dependable water source and protection from the elements, illness, and other possible harm in the outside world, and thus gives families and communities a sense of stability... Read More

ICLEI: How COVID-19 is affecting the work of local government sustainability officers

Nontsundu Ndonga in uMhlathuze, South Africa, is now requiring all applications to the planning department to be completed online to eliminate the need for in-person consultations... Read More

IFHP: Contemplations on the consequences of Corona on social cities

The current corona crisis is bringing to bear aspects of the urban life which we may otherwise take for granted... Read More

METROPOLIS: Cities for Global Health

The global crisis generated by the COVID-19 outbreak is pushing cities of all shapes to give immediate answers to an emergency that is seriously threatening not only citizens’ health, but the social cohesion, the economy and the infrastructures of our territories... Read More

MUV CONSORTIUM: MUV Datathon - Sustainable

This is the challenge of the MUV Datathon, an event open to developers, data scientists, designers and whoever possess the knowledge to leverage data and develop ideas, insights and novel services for the sustainable mobility of the future... Read More


The Pandemic Challenge in Urban India Imagine our lives as urban residents in the post-COVID19 world. Currently even as the administration at national, state, city and Gram Panchayat level is focused... Read More

UCLG / UN-Habitat: Local and Regional leaders showcase the value of public services to respond to the COVID-19 Crisis

The virtual meeting was the launch of a live learning series co-convened by UCLG, Metropolis and UN-Habitat to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences between local and regional governments... Read More

URBAN SYNERGIES GROUP: Urban loveability in a post-COVID-19 world

Cumulatively the COVID-19 pandemic, social justice issues, climate emergency and the extreme biodiversity loss create an unprecedented opportunity in human history... Read More

PRACTICAL ACTION: Tackling the threat of Coronavirus with Practical Action

Every day we hear the rising COVID-19 death toll, and it’s a truly global tragedy. The UN Secretary General is urging a worldwide co-ordinated health response to limit the spread of the virus... Read More

RED DOT FOUNDATION: Inclusive Cities

It’s hard to believe that just two months ago we were in Abu Dhabi for the World Urban Forum, exchanging ideas and learning good practices in urbanism. Currently, I am locked down in Mumbai... Read More

ROYAL TOWN PLANNING INSTITUTE: UK Planning during the COVID-19 lockdown

The planning systems in the UK is adapting to operate during the lockdown caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. A functioning planning system is key to support the country’s economy...Read More

WIEGO: WIEGO supporting informal workers in the COVID-19 crisis

WIEGO is focusing on the potentially devastating consequences of the COVID-19 crisis for the world’s two billion informal workers who lack labour, social and health protections... Read More

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