WUC goes TV!

Launching the World Urban Campaign TV & The City We Need Series

The World Urban Campaign launched their new visual outreach tool: the WUC TV. Launched and watched at the opening of the Urban Thinkers Campus Mannheim in Germany, the WUC TV will showcase collection of urban short films to illustrate The City We Need (TCWN), a global Manifesto prepared by the more than 135 WUC partner ..Read More


ENGIE and UN-Habitat's World Urban Campaign have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to join forces for a better urban future.

ENGIE becomes an official partner of UN-Habitat... Read More


Next City seeks artists to showcase work on UN World Stage

Next City is proud to announce an international arts opportunity for visual and performing artists from eight rapidly urbanizing cities to show work at United Nations meetings ... Read More


Growing a Dream: The Vall Park Recycling Centre

The sign at the entrance to the Vaal Park Recycling Centre in south Africa bears 23 logos, each representing a public or private partner... Read More


Scaling for impact

I worked in Arup from 2004, leading a global planning team who taught me that we did not have the tools and understanding of how human and ecology systems and resource flows interact... Read More


Habitat III process paying 'insufficient' attention to resilience and urban crises

The idea of resilience could offer a key way to bridge a longstanding divide between the aims, methods and strategies of the global development and humanitarian communities... Read More


Developers seek affordable-housing market in New Urban Agenda

Dubai Habitat III forum warns that even the most luxury-minded countries need to offer a spectrum of housing options to remain globally competitive...Read More


Can Habitat III contribute to a 'smart shift' in urban planning?

In 2050, an estimated 70 percent of the world 's population will be living in cities. If in the next 35 years, millions of inhabitants will be migrating to urban areas...Read More


In Habitat's birthplace, new Vancouver Declaration emerges on gender and indigenous rights

Advocates hope to scale up ongoing campaign as benchmark against which to measure the New Urban Agenda...Read More

As a partner of the World Urban Campaign, we offer you a unique platform to display your commitments to action. We want to know from you how your organization commits itself to the SDGs, The City We Need and the New Urban Agenda! ACT NOW!

  • 17-19 Feb - Urban Thinkers Campus: Studien-Institut Rhein-Neckar (STIRN): Urban Citizenship in a Nomadic World, Mannheim/Germany PARTICIPATE
  • 18-20 Feb - Urban Thinkers Campus: University of Sassari: The City We Need: Open for Art, Alghero/Italy PARTICIPATE
  • 27 Feb - 01 Mar - European Cyclists'Federation: Velo-city Global 2016, Taipan/Taiwan PARTICIPATE
  • 15-16 Mar - World Urban Campaign: 14th WUC Steering Committee Meeting (SCM 14), Prague/Czech Republic PARTICIPATE
  • 19 Mar - Habitat III: GAP 4 Meeting, Prague/Czech Republic PARTICIPATE
  • 20-22 Apr - IFLA: 53rd IFLA World Congress International Federation of Landscape Architects, Turin/Italy PARTICIPATE
  • 25-27 Jul - Habitat III: Prepcom3, Jakarta/Indonesia PARTICIPATE
  • 12-15 Sep - Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS): 15th World Conference of Acuus 2016, Saint Petersburg/Russia PARTICIPATE
  • 12-16 Sep - ISOCARP: 52nd ISOCARP Congress, Durban/South Africa PARTICIPATE
  • 5-7 Oct - AIVP: 15th World Conference Cities and Ports "Crossovers", Rotterdam/Netherlands PARTICIPATE
  • 12-15 Oct: UCLG: 5th UCLG Congress - World Summit of Local qnd Regional Leaders, Bogota/Colombia PARTICIPATE
  • 17-20 Oct - Habitat III: HABITAT III Conference, Quito/Ecuador PARTICIPATE

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