IAU Ile-de-France: The Collaborative economy: a rich store of town and country planning innovations

Thanks to the development of digital networks and third places, millions of people can now share... Read More

WIEGO: "How Cities can achieve Public Space for all"

Public space provides a window into the soul of a city. It is where collective urban life plays out — cycling to work, playing... Read More

7 BILLION URBANISTS:Unlimited Cities Taiwan: Collaborative urban planning; citizen participation and digital tools

Unlimited Cities is a collaborative urban planning approach whose main objective is to allow anyone to contribute to the processes... Read More

AARDE FOUNDATION: Celebrating Nature - Culture Linkages on World Wetlands Day

Celebrating NATURE-CULTURE linkages at PULICAT lagoon on 02-FEB-2019 as our 8th Annual World Wetlands Day. The day is celebrated to glorify the natural... Read More

EUTROPIAN GMBH: Curing the limbo - from apathy to active citizenship: Empawering refugees and migrants in Limbo State to ignite housing affordability

Curing the Limbo is an Urban Innovative Actions project in Athens supported by Levente Polyak... Read More

EUTROPIAN GMBH: Urban Soil 4 Food - Establishment of Innovative Urban Soil based Economy Circles to increase local food Self-sufficiency and minnimize Environmental Footprint

The Urban Soil 4 Food is an Urban Innovative Actions project in Maribor supported by Daniela Patti, focusing on the establishment... Read More

GLOBAL STUDIO: "How are the SDGs traveling in the world"

If you haven’t already taken this Survey, we invite your participation by February 15, 2019.  It is available in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi and Manadarin... Read More


IHS, the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam ... Read More

INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR URBAN HEALTH (ISUH): Call for Abstracts for 16th International Conference on Urban Health

Abstracts are now being accepted through 19 April 2019 for the 16th International Conference on Urban Health taking place 4-8 November 2019 in Xiamen, China... Read More

METROPOLIS: When & Where 2019

Now you can check the unmissable events during this year for the community of major cities and Metropolitan Areas... Read More

OPEN STREETS CAPE TOWN: Open Streets celebrates People Power

Residents of Cape Town, South Africa, step out in support of the “movement for better movement”, reclaiming a central city street for half a day... Read More

URBAN SYNERGIES GROUP: Creating space for young people in urban informal settlements in Sierra Leone: Empowering Youth through Public Space dreams and Actions

Young people in Sierra Leone are the country’s most urbanised population group, with 15-35-year-olds making up 44 %... Read More

RED DOT FOUNDATION - SAFETY: Youth Innovation Challenge Finals

The Youth Design Innovation Challenge, a derivative of the UTC, was a platform for future leaders of the city – the youth to advocate enlightened planning and design of our cities and propose urban solutions... Read More

TU BERLIN CAMPUS EL GOUNA:A closer look at Urban Thinkers Campus el Gouna

Urban challenges and opportunities in the MENA/ Arab Region: From SDGs to Urban Practice” built on the role of TU Berlin Campus El Gouna as an international researcht... Read More

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