WORLD URBAN CAMPAIGN : World Urban Forum #WUF10: Networking Event - Urban Thinkers Campus

We are pleased to inform you that the World Urban Campaign will coordinate a Networking Event on Wednesday 12 February (16:30 – 18:00 – HALL 3: Room 17)... Read More

ARCADIS: Shelter Program UN-Habitat Arcadis Partnership: The Arcadis Shelter Program - Overview of Support for UN-Habitat in 2019

Already 10 years Arcadis consultants and engineers support UN-Habitat with pro bono technical expertise for development projects all over the world... Read More

DOPPELMAYR: Colors of LA PAZ - The World's Largest Urban Ropeway Network 

Ropeway travel can be described as reliably getting to your destination by the most direct route. As an integral part of a transport system, the ropeway has no need for a timetable.. Read More 

AARDE: Publicat Day

Celebrating the NATURE-CULTURE linkages at PULICAT Lagoon on 01-FEB-2020 as our 9th Annual World Wetlands Day event. The day is celebrated to glorify the natural and built heritage of second largest water body in India... Read More

AIVP: Join Us at the WUF10!

AIVP will organize a panel discussionon port cities and their role in global strategies for sustainable development on Monday, February, 10, from 9:00 to 10:00 in Abu Dhabi during the WUF10... Read More


The LOCAL PROJECT CHALLENGE  issued a call for projects in Education, the Professions and Civil Society that considered one or more of  the  17 Sustainable Development Goals... Read More

ECTP-CEU: The XIIIth European Urban and Regional Planning Award 2019-2020: Call is OPEN

The European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, organized every two years by the ECTP-CEU since 1990, provide a common framework for planning practice... Read More

FNAU: World Urban Forum 10 - Networking Event - Digital Transition, Affordable Housing, What Innovation for inclusion in African Cities

The French National Network of Urban Planning Agencies (FNAU) associated with the African Smart Towns Network (ASToN)... Read More

FIABCI: FIABCi publishes "The City We Need" is Affordable Vol IV

FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, continues its very successful The City We Need is Affordable series with the publication of Volume IV to coincide with World Urban Forum 10 in Abu Dhabi from February 8-13... Read More

GLOBAL URBAN DEVELOPMENT: Porto Alegre Urban Thinkers Campus in ZISPOA Highlights progress of sustainable Innovation Zones

Global Urban Development organized a second Urban Thinkers Campus in Porto Alegre during December 14-19, 2019... Read More

ICLEI: Ai accelerating Cities' transition to carbon neutrality

Artificial Intelligence (AI), one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years, has the potential to play a mission-driven role in cities’ climate action plans. The AI4Cities project aims to harness this potential by bringing together leading European cities ... Read More

ICLEI: How Lilongwe's bats are contribution to national biodiversity planning

In a time when cities are bursting at the seams, policy reform is vital to protect ecosystems and build climate resilient cities that preserve urban nature. This three-part series will share three policy victories... Read More

IFHP: Social Morning Noon & Night

IFHP is a busy morning, noon and night messaging the importance of social sustainability, which was the focus and purpose of IFHP’s Social Cities Urban Thinkers Campus held in October 2019... Read More

ISOCARP: Joins Us at WUF10 to discuss today's challenges & trends of the planning practice

Established in 2001 by the UN to address rapid urbanisation and its impact on communities, cities, economies, climate change and policies, and convened by UN-Habitat, the Forum is a high level... Read More

L'INSTITUT PARIS REGION: Large Cities - Matrices of Urban transition

Cities are matrices for the great transformations of the contemporary world. They are the places where economic wealth and technological innovations are created, and are the heart of financial and migratory flows... Read More

METROPOLIS: Countdown started for the launch of MGET

The general objectives of these meetings were to adjust the last details of MGET, a three-year project aiming to complement, with a metropolitan dimension... Read More

PFVT: World Urban Forum 10 - Networking Event - Urban Rights for Inclusive and Innovative Cities

In October 2019, the French Partnership for Cities and Territories (PFVT) has gathered a wide range of French stakeholders who work about urban issues. From public authorities... Read More

PRACTICAL ACTION: Large Study in Bangladesh reveals poor conditions of waste workers

Waste collectors make their living from the things we throw away; rubbish to us is survival to them. However, a large national study carried out by Practical Action in city corporations...Read More

UN GLOBAL COMPACT - CITIES PROGRAMME : Join Us at the 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi for our training event on how to implement Ethical City Projects

The New Urban Agenda and SDG 11 set out clear objectives for city projects to be equitable, sustainable... Read More

RED DOT FOUNDATION :Youth Innovation Challenge

Red Dot Foundation hosted an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) on the theme “Safe Public Spaces” from a Gender and Climate Resiliency Lens. Parallel to the UTC... Read More

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