UN-HABITAT: Call for applications for side, networking and training events for WUF10 is open (deadline extended 31st October)

The Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF10) will take place from 8 to 13 February 2020 in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with the theme Cities of opportunities: Connecting culture and innovation... Read More

WORLD URBAN CAMPAIGN - MANNHEIM: Urban Thinkers Campus in Mannheim

The Urban Thinkers Campus aims to explore different ideas and solutions, offer an integrated approach and give a voice to different stakeholders. Civil society, public administrations... Read More

CITYVITAE: Solutions for smart and sustainable mobility

Born in 2018, CityVitae is the first global Mobility Services Agency specialized in the field of “New Urban Mobility”: Micro-mobility, electric mobility, self-driving cars, shared mobility… and the new business models that come up with them... Read More

COMPASS HOUSING SERVICES: Aligning Strategic Planning with Agenda 2030

Compass Housing has been a leading advocate for the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals in Australia and the wider Asia Pacific region... Read More

COHABITAT (URBAMONDE, DPU, SDI): Make Media Make Change- #ChangeOurPicture Competition

The competition, #ChangeOurPicture, is open to anyone who lives in an informal settlement in Africa. Dominant discourses and narratives generally portray informal settlements... Read More

EUTROPIAN:Book launch: Il rilancio dei mercati

We all love visiting our local markets, with a variety of unique offerings that tantalize our senses.More importantly, however, they serve as a place where communities gather and exchange an assortment of goods, from products to ideas and stories... Read More

ENDA: Reasearch- Action Workshop on the relevant indicators

The workshop is a follow-up to the EU-ENDA partnership in the framework of "Strengthening the Role and Place of Southern Civil Societies in the Implementation of a Transformative 2030 Agenda"... Read More

ECTP-CEU: Report of the 13th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners Plymouth

Plymouth is a splendid city in which to hold a biennial of the town planners of Europe. It is well-known for its maritime history, not least for the many mariners who have sailed into and out of Plymouth... Read More

CODATU: 40 Years of urban transport and mobility in developing countries: the 18th CODATU Conference in Dakar in 2020

CODATU is an association with international vocation whose objective is to promote sustainable mobility policies through conferences, seminars, training and scientific exchanges on urban and interurban mobility... Read More

METROPOLIS: Cities and Metropolitan Airport Areas: Looking for New Approaches

Based on the results obtained from the Metropolis Pilot Project "METROAirports; Socioeconomic impact and uses of new-generation airports", the event consisted... Read More

OPEN STREETS CAPE TOWN: Mobile Women shifting the culture of streets

The event, which took place in Gugulethu, had a great turnout and included a dialogue session and social bicycle ride through the surrounding streets. It built on the work done... Read More

URBANET: Local Action to Accelerate Global Sustainable Development

In September, the UN Climate Action Summit activated stakeholders around the world to not just talk, but step up their commitment for global climate action. And much depends on cities... Read More

PUSH: Join the MUV Network of Sustainable Cities and become an Urban Mobility Game-Changer!

And here we are with a new chance the MUV consortium offers to more cities to join the MUVement: the second international Open Call.... Read More

SMARTLY: Urban Thinkers Campus

Smartly, Social Entrepreneurship on the SDGs, will be hosting  the Urban Thinkers Campus entitled: Vibrant and Inclusive Urban Life, under the auspices of UN Habitat on November 14, 15 and 16, 2019, in Mexico City, Mexico... Read More

WORLD EVANGELICAL ALLIANCE:Global Religious Stakeholders Engagement Through Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campuses

November 2017 was a historic year for WUC Urban Thinkers Campuses as religious leaders gathered in Singapore... Read More

WIEGO: Where are the inclusive Cities? Street vendors globally face increasing hostility

The WIEGO Urban Policies Team analyzed news articles on street vendors from six continents over the past 18 months... Read More

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