Urban Campaigns

Urban Campaigns

The purpose of Urban Campaigns is to rally all Habitat Agenda Partners to the same cause: making cities liveable places for a sustainable future. Campaigns are meant to help catalyse the engagement of all partners that have the potential to articulate pressing urban issues, to propose solutions and commit to shared goals and actions towards Habitat III and beyond. Urban Campaigns help catalyse forward-thinking on: 

  • Positive urban development
  • Solutions to urban challenges
  • Giving voice to people to change our urban future

Countries need to ensure just distribution and preservation of fundamental resources in order to guarantee their availability for the future generations. We need to define the way we consume land, water, and energy, manage waste and transportation, preserve air quality, and transmitting our heritage and culture.

For this, we need to envision the best way to plan, build, and manage the cities of tomorrow, where resources will be shared and managed, for better or the worse, leaving a positive or negative legacy to the future generations. We want need to change unsustainable behaviors and patterns. We need to are promoting successful solutions and stimulate innovations where transformations are needed. Partners of Urban Campaigns are proposing urban solutions to urban challenges and share those through the World Urban Campaign and The City We Need

The Campaigns should emphasize positive urban change, recognizing successful initiatives and ‘City Changers’ with the support of the media. Messages and solutions disseminated by Urban Campaigns will contribute to the World Urban Campaign. Urban Campaigns should involve cities and network of cities that have initiated their own campaigns already and are ready to join the campaign process.