Urban Thinkers Campus Series - The New Urban Normal: Urban Sustainability and Resilience post COVID-19

Urban Thinkers Campus Series - The New Urban Normal: Urban Sustainability and Resilience post COVID-19

Let’s discuss the Green New Deal and how to build back better after COVID-19.

On 24 JUNE at 18:00 (CET) TU Delft, the Global Urban Lab and the World Urban Campaign (UN-Habitat) will promote a discussion on the European Commission’s GREEN DEAL FOR EUROPE and the UK GREEN NEW DEAL, coupled with a discussion on how to “build back better” after the pandemic, while tackling climate change and growing inequality.

This is the second instalment of a 3 part-series series of the Urban Thinkers Campus, organised by the Global Urban Lab of the TU Delft in partnership with the World Urban Campaign and UN-Habitat to discuss issues of urban development in the Global South.

  • Costanza La Mantia, Former Senior Urban Planner at the UN-Habitat Urban Planning and Design Lab, now Technical Advisor to Rwanda Housing Authority and Rwandan Minister of Infrastructure (for the World Bank)
  • Sander Happaerts (European Commission, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, the “spatial planning” branch of the EU)
  • Robert Magowan (policy advisor for the UK government, and activist with Green New Deal UK)
  • Julian Siravo (Urban and Design strategist at Common-Wealth, UK https://www.common-wealth.co.uk a UK-based Think Tank which focusses on transformation six vital areas of life: reimagining social institutions, stewarding land & nature, democratising enterprise, rewiring finance, digital commons and redefining internationalism).

Join us for our three-part event 'The New Urban Normal: Urban Sustainability and Resilience Post COVID19', where we invite scholars to reflect on the changes produced by the COVID19 pandemic on the organisation, sustainability and resilience of cities, with particular emphasis on the Global South.

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