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Street Parking

The Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC), an initiative by UN-Habitat, serves as an open platform for critical discussions among urban researchers, professionals, and decision-makers who view urbanization as an opportunity for positive transformation. It aims to foster collaboration among partners for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and the New Urban Agenda by 2036.

The UTC comprises Urban Labs, Plenary sessions, Action Days, Urban Cinema, and Urban Journalism Academy events, promoting inclusive participation. Its success is attributed to the dynamic engagement of WUC partners, leading to over 30,000 participants in 280 sessions since its inception in 2014.

Because housing matters,
we need to unite and act

COVID19 - Urban Thinkers Campus 
1st Edition - Report

COVID19 - Urban Thinkers Campus 
2nd Edition - Report

ClimateAction4Cities - Solutions 

Urban Thinkers Campus 5.0 - Report

Urban Thinkers Campus 6.0 - Report

Urban Thinkers Campus 7.0 - Report 

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