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Exceptional Extension of Call for Proposals: UTC 9.0

Dear Esteemed WUC Partners, UTC Participants, and Friends,

In the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity, we extend our deepest gratitude for the overwhelming response to the call for proposals for the Urban Thinkers Campus Phase 9.0 (UTC 9.0).

Your enthusiastic engagement and dedication to the cause of urban development have exceeded all expectations. In recognition of this exceptional enthusiasm and to ensure that every potential host has ample opportunity to contribute, we are delighted to announce an exceptional extension of the call for proposals.

The deadline for submissions is now extended by an additional week, providing an extraordinary opportunity for further participation. The new deadline for proposal submissions is March 4, 2024, at midnight GMT.

We urge all WUC partners who are eager to host an Urban Thinkers Campus 9.0 to take advantage of this extended opportunity and submit their proposals online through our dedicated platform here.

Your contributions are integral to the success of the Urban Thinkers Campus initiative and the advancement of sustainable urban development worldwide. Together, let us seize this extraordinary opportunity to shape the cities of tomorrow and create a better future for all.


The Purpose and focus

Urban Thinkers Campuses serve as platforms for collaborative thinking, fostering the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions to urban challenges. With a mandate to deliver critical recommendations addressing pertinent urban topics, the UTCs aim to be catalysts for positive change.

Submission Requirements:

Organizations aspiring to host a UTC in the upcoming cycle must have previously organized a UTC and are required to submit reports for their last event to qualify for consideration. This prerequisite ensures a commitment to the ongoing dialogue and implementation of recommendations from past initiatives. (Note: Organizations which are not members of WUC and would like to host an UTC may contact the secretariat for additional information).

Online Application Process:

Applications for hosting an UTC in 2024 should be submitted online through the official application form. The link to the application form is:

Prospective organizers are urged to review the UTC GUIDE, accessible at, before initiating the application process. The guide provides comprehensive insights into the UTC model, preparatory steps, and specific requirements to ensure a successful event.


Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the Urban Thinkers Campus movement. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Warm regards,

UN-Habitat WUC Secretariat


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