The World Urban Campaign (WUC) is an advocacy and partnership platform to raise awareness about positive urban change in order to achieve green, productive, safe, healthy, inclusive, and well planned cities. Its goal is to place the Urban Agenda at the highest level in development policies. It is coordinated by UN-Habitat and driven by a large number of committed partners from around the world. 


" Together shaping the future of cities leaving no one behind."


Help achieve the urban dimension of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 and implement the New Urban Agenda



Our mission is to contribute in developing solutions and take action in cities and communities in implementing the New Urban Agenda to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030.


  • Advocate and raise-awareness on the role of cities and communities in achieving the SDGs and delivering positive change.

  • Identify solutions to catalyze action between stakeholders in cities and communities.

  • Promote actions that have the best potential to scale-up and accelerate the achievement of the SDGs.

  • Mobilize partners to implement the NUA and accelerate the achievement of the SDGs through specific alliances and joint actions

  • Measure the results of joint actions and identify concrete achievements towards the SDGs.


We represent a variety of stakeholders engaged in cities and communities. We thrive to represent all voices through our constituent groups: local and sub-national authorities; research and academia; civil society organizations; grass roots organizations; women; parliamentarians; children and youth; business and industries; foundations and philanthropies; professionals; trade unions and workers; farmers; indigenous people; media; older persons. This variety enables dialogue and cooperation between the partners in the World Urban Campaign and a comprehensive joint outreach on urban issues.


  • The World Urban Campaign promotes the implementation of the New Urban Agenda to achieve the SDGs. It does so through a set of principles and drivers of change as defined in The City We Need.

  • The City We Need promotes cities that are socially inclusive and engaging; affordable, accessible and equitable; economically vibrant and inclusive; collectively managed and democratically governed. It advocates for cities that foster cohesive territorial development, is regenerative and resilient, have shared identities and sense of place. It promotes well planned, walkable, and transit-friendly, safe, healthy and it promotes well-being, and cities that learn and innovate.


  • The World Urban Campaign engages a variety of organizations and the general public through action campaigns on key areas to raise awareness on critical issues and promote positive urban changes.

  • The World Urban Campaign promotes policy dialogues to discusses urban issues, identify solutions and take action through initiatives developed and implemented locally along agreed platforms such as the Urban Thinkers Campus.

  • Solutions and actions are documented and lessons learned shared broadly for improving future actions.


Our actions are driven by the following principles:

  • Ambition: With just 10 years to go to meet the targets of the SDGs, we need to have ambitious goals commensurate with the global effort needed to deliver the 2030 promise under the Decade of Action.

  • Collaboration: we conceive and deliver action in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support among the diverse community of partners, complementing each other rather than competing. We thrive to build synergies in order to catalyse action as needed in implementing the NUA to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. Urban Thinkers Campuses are the key platforms to do so.

  • Result-driven: Our actions are driven by results that are measurable. We are accountable, transparent and we monitor our actions on the ground and demonstrate impacts of solutions in cities and communities. Our contributions to the SDGs are tangible.

  • Partnership: We thrive to deliver in partnership with UN-Habitat.

Key Milestones and beyond WUC

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