World Urban Campaign Highlights

Since its launch in 2010, the World Urban Campaign (WUC) has played a key role in creating synergies between urban partners, promoting dialogue and advocating for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.


A Collective Intelligence

The WUC constitutes a collective intelligence representing more than 130 organizations in 16 constituencies: Local and subnational authorities, Research and Academia, Civil Society Organizations, Grassroots organizations, Women, Parliamentarians, Children and youth, Businesses and industries, Foundations and philanthropies, Professionals, Trade Unions and Workers, Farmers, Persons with Disabilities, the Older Persons, Indigenous people and the Medias. It does so through inclusive democratic governance giving a voice to everyone. Learn more 


A Global Conversation: The Urban Thinkers Campus

A global conversation of urban partners to generate synergies towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

  • First UTC (2014) held in Caserta (Italy) 

  • UTC Series 1.0 (2015-16): 26 partners events

  • UTC Series 2.0 (2017): 59 partners events

  • UTC Series 3.0 (2018): 26 partners events

  • UTC Series 4.0 (2019): 38 partners events

  • UTC Series 5.0 (2020): 30 partners events

  • COVID-19 Series UTC (2020): 41 partners events

  • UTC Series 6.0 (2021): 27 partners events

  • UTC Series 7.0 (2022): 44 partners events 



The City We Need is an acclaimed manifesto to advocate for a new urban paradigm prepared towards Habitat III, the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development, prepared through the contributions of more than 7,500 men and women from 113 countries and 2,251 organizations. The City We Need has been produced through a consensus-building process. WUC Partners are currently preparing The City We Need 3.0 to elaborate on recent trends and integrate dimensions of green recovery and pandemic urban resilience.


Our Focus on Climate Action

Recognizing that Climate Change is one of the planet’s greatest challenges, the World Urban campaign has called to climate action to vigorously address the destruction of ecosystems and the threat to undo decades of development gains. The WUC invite organizations to join their plea in recognizing the global climate emergency, proposing key actions and principles to deliver The City We Need.