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Online workshop and discussion “Mass housing and climate change: challenges and solutions”

We are glad to announce the online workshop and conference “Mass housing and climate change: challenges and solutions” co-organised by Strelka KB, the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP INSTITUTE), the World Urban Campaign (WUC), the European Union Delegation to the Russian Federation and Strelka Institute for Media, Architecture and Design. For more information:

Online-workshop: October, 18-19

This practical workshop is designed to bring forward solutions to regenerate mass housing units in the context of climate change. Participants will have the opportunity to work on a theoretical case study using the actual data from four locations in the world. They will be divided into 4 teams, each one working on a specific climate group (cold, hot, temperate, tropical), and will receive a brief containing: information on the precise climatic conditions of each case study, scenarios for climate change towards 2100, and exercices to guide them through the workshop. Participants will work collectively in each of the four online rooms, with the help of both an expert and a tutor, with the aim to achieve:

  1. A visualisation (drawing) of solutions to adapt existing mass housing units to a changing climate;

  2. A list of general recommendations for any stakeholder interested in the regeneration of mass housing in the context of climate change. A representative for each group will have the opportunity to present their results at the public conference held on October 20th.

Facilitators and experts in urban development, housing, sustainable development will supervise the work in groups. Among them are Ekaterina Maleeva, project director at Strelka KB, Nabi Agzamov, director of the centre for urban ecology at Strelka KB, Max Yvetot, head of urban governance at Strelka KB, and Milena Ivkovic, advisor at ISOCARP INSTITUTE.

Candidates will have to submit a questionnaire with information regarding their training/education, occupation, level of English, computer skills (architectural software), and most importantly their motivation to actively participate in this workshop. Participants will be selected based on their answers to the questionnaire. The deadline for application is the 4th of October.

Online-discussion: October, 20

Mass housing and climate change: challenges and solutions

Speakers from different countries will discuss the potential of sustainable housing, suggest solutions for the future and comment on the projects of the participants. The online conference will start at 12pm UTC.

Speakers of the discussion:

  • Ekaterina Maleeva, project director at Strelka KB

  • Didier Vancutsem, director at the ISOCARP Institute

  • Christophe Lalande, head of the housing division at UN-Habitat

  • Hilmar von Lojewski, councillor at the German Association of Cities (Städtetag), and former head of department in the Urban Planning Office of the City of Dresden

  • Christophe Hutin, architect, lecturer, and researcher at the Bordeaux School of Architecture

  • Alexandra Chechetkina, managing director at Strelka KB

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