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Urban Lab 1 “Championing Local Green Deals”

The Urban Lab Session “Championing Local Green Deals” will take place online on 16th July, 9.30-11.00 CEST. The event is coordinated by ISOCARP Institute and it is part of the 3-day Urban Thinker Campus “A Local Green Deal”, organised by Studieninstitut Rhein-Neckar (Mannheim, Germany). Through the European Green Deal, the European Union has set the ambitious target of becoming the first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. The European Green Deal includes various actions, measures and tools in nine policy areas (such as clean energy, sustainable mobility, biodiversity, etc.). However, it is crucial to transform the direction given by the Green Deal into local actionable projects and concrete interventions. Following Mannheim’s input and effort to develop a Local Green Deal Mannheim, this Urban Lab Session will collect and discuss valuable practices and experiences in the implementation of Local Green Deals.

Register here! NOTE: You will register on the official website of the UTC Mannheim and you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the organising team. The link to our session (URBAN LAB 1) will be available on the day itself on the official website. The livestream of the event will be available here. This Urban Lab Session aims at reflecting on actionable and short-term interventions which foster the implementation of Local Green Deals. The programme will start with brief presentations to inspire the audience and provide exemplary experiences and approaches at different urban scales and from different contexts. Moreover, ISOCARP Institute is launching a Call for Contributors, where city representatives, practitioners, industry partners or community members can share their stories and suggest possible solutions. The session is intended to be as interactive as possible. Speakers will answer questions and will discuss with the participants.


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