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URBAN THINKERS CAMPUS 9.0: The International Biennial of Utopias

Faire Autrement is not merely a festival. It is the gathering place where open minds, change-makers, and advocates for the common good come together to rethink our society.

Essential issues such as housing, transportation, food, health, work, consumption, education, culture, and many more will be at the heart of debates and reflections.

Join us for days filled with passionate discussions, open forums, collaborative workshops, inspiring exhibitions, and engaged performances. Together, we will explore new approaches and experiences that will inform our thinking and guide our actions towards a fairer, more supportive, and more harmonious society.

The Familistère de Guise, witness to realized utopias led by Jean-Baptiste André Godin, will be our rallying point during these days of sharing and discovery. Explore the resplendent gardens of the site, immerse yourself in its history, and be inspired by the concrete achievements made here.

Moments of meeting and exchange await you in the open forums, where you can forge connections with committed individuals and discover hopeful initiatives. Film screenings will transport you into captivating narratives, awakening your consciousness and creativity. The activities by Les Petits Débrouillards, along with those of the actors present on-site, will invite you to explore pathways of transition, blending arts and sciences to imagine a better future.

Each day will conclude with gatherings in the spacious workshops of Mob-Ion, neighboring the Familistère de Guise. Unique experiences will be presented to you. Through festive dinners, original performances, and a friendly ball, we will celebrate together the progress made and the challenges that lie ahead.

Join the Faire Autrement biennial now! Take part in this significant event and contribute to the construction of a future characterized by justice, solidarity, and harmony.

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Article republished from Faire Autrement (CC)


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