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In collaboration with the UN Habitat's World Urban Campaign, this engagement explores the localization of SDGs through place-based cross-sector partnerships.

In the Fall of 2023, Georgetown University’s Global Cities Initiative will be hosting an Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) a program of the UN Habitat’s World Urban Campaign. The theme of this extended, virtual, multi-panel global forum will be “International Practices of Place Management Through Multisectoral Partnerships.” This multi-event engagement explores the localization of SDGs through place-based cross-sector partnerships.

This global Urban Thinkers Campus calls for individuals and organizations to join us in discourse and dialogue to explore best practices in place management in cities around the world. The term “place management” embodies the professional practice of creating multi-stakeholder partnerships to manage and sustain a specific urban district.

Core to this convening are the following questions:

1. How do place management organizations serve as the governance vehicle to create place-based partnerships between public, private and philanthropic sectors?

2. How are place management organizations embracing data, research and performance management practices in service of their mission?

3. How are place management organizations localizing the adoption of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

The opening session of the Urban Thinkers Campus is scheduled for Friday, September 8, 2023 and will be followed by regional workshops culminating in a December closing session. We invite thought leaders and place management practitioners from all cities and regions of the world to participate in this dialogue.

We are honored to be partnering on this effort with the International Downtown Association, the Urban Land Institute and PlacemakingX.


All convening associated with this Urban Thinkers Campus will be conducted virtually. In order to receive a digital link to each session, please RSVP here. Recordings of all sessions will be posted at the event page here. We want to hear from you! Georgetown University will be documenting global case studies in place management excellence as a component of this Urban Thinkers Campus. Please share your information through the RSVP link, or reach out to us at All times listed below are Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4) until November 5th at which date all times are Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5).

Schedule for the Digital Sessions and Roundtable Dialogues:

Kick-off Event (virtual)

Regional Roundtable: Downtown Place Management (U.S. & Canada)

Friday, October 6th, 2023: In-person roundtable co-hosted in Chicago with the International Downtown Association (Participation Details Forthcoming)

Regional Roundtable: Place Management Advancing Place Making (Latin America)

Friday, November 3rd, 2023: In-person roundtable co-hosted in Mexico City with PlacemakingX (Participation Details Forthcoming)

Regional Roundtable: Place Management for Cultural Districts (Middle East North Africa)

Wednesday, November 15th from 7:45am - 9:15am EST: Virtual roundtable co-hosted with Qatar Museums x Amaken (Participation Details Forthcoming)

Closing Event (virtual)

We invite you to affirm your interest to participate by completing this brief survey. You may reach out to us with questions or additional ideas at



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