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Social Events & Workshops

Events can mobilize individuals who understand the heartbeat of cities and leverage their skills and influence to encourage positive citizenship and foster pride.


“Environmental Technologies to Empower the Unseen”

Public Talk by Assoc. Prof. Tarek Rakha

Date: Wednesday 21-Feb 2024 ,12:30 @ Red Hall  

An event taking place as part of the Egypt Urban Campaign .. Together Towards Worl Urban Forum 24

Public Talk.jpeg49136206 (1).jpeg

Date: Saturday, 2nd March

Location: Royaa Club

Organizers: Child Urban Hub, Archkids Lab, Rola Artwork, in cooperation with Children University.


Join Our Workshop on Sustainable Cities for Children 11-13!

Are you a young urbanite or aspiring architect eager to make a positive impact on your city? If you have a passion for the environment and a desire to learn how to contribute to a more sustainable future, save the date for an engaging workshop crafted specifically for 11 to 13-year-olds!


As part of our youth-focused urbanism awareness campaign in Egypt, we are delighted to unveil our workshop on sustainable cities. The aim is to empower young minds to actively engage in the creation of greener, healthier, and more resilient urban communities. Connecting urban awareness with the challenges posed by climate change, this dynamic workshop will cover a variety of subjects. We will delve into the ways cities can become more sustainable and explore practical solutions to address climate change issues. From reducing carbon footprints to advocating for green spaces and eco-friendly transportation, we will thoroughly examine the essential elements of constructing sustainable urban environments.


Our workshop will be facilitated by experts from various fields, including urban planning, architecture, art, and environmental conservation. Through engaging activities, games, and discussions, we'll inspire young participants to think critically, collaborate, and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future.

Participants learn about the importance of energy efficiency, waste management, urban gardening, and sustainable transportation. They will explore how these factors contribute to a healthier and more productive lifestyle within their city.

We look forward to welcoming you to our workshop on sustainable cities!

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