Alberto Núñez

Founder, Guerrilla Verde


"You cannot spend a day without having an impact on the world around us, we must make a difference" A.N

Geographical scope: 

Asuncion, Paraguay

Climate Actions:

I have created an initiative to strengthen the popular cooking pots of Asunción, promoting community organic vegetable gardens, and self-consumption with recyclable materials. Also,  I teach how to make them and providing materials for their realization. 

In addition, I make talks about climate action, global warming, responsible consumption, composting workshops, and education on sustainable and healthy eating, in Asuncion neighborhoods. Combating climate change, I am a Forest fire prevention brigade member in the San Miguel Guerrero ecological reserve in Asunción.  reserve in Asunción.


Bring creative ideas to fight hunger in Asuncion marginalized neighborhoods. More than building community gardens with recycled materials, I created an initiative to teach people tools to help them get a better life. Now they are experts on garbage separation, composting, self-sufficiency, and woman empowerment. And the most important thing, they have the power to change their lives.


  • Guerrilla Verde supports women that feed around 500 people in poor neighborhoods of Asuncion.

  • + 100 people trained on garbage separation, composting, self-sufficiency, and woman empowerment.

  • 7 popular cooking pots have organic products to offer better nutrition to families.

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