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Mahmoud AlBurai

Senior Advisor, Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Agency


“Climate action is needed urgently not only from governments but also from the private sector and citizens. Having clean water, air, and a livable planet is a human right and a duty towards the future generations.”

Geographical scope: 

Middle East

Climate Action:

Dr Mahmoud AlBurai has been a driving force for sustainability in the Middle East by forming the UAE UN Global Compact in 2015. This became the largest in the region mobilizing 150 private businesses to act in a sustainable way.

Within the Global Compact, he initiated the women empowerment and youth ambassadors programs, environmental campaigns and other inititaves. He also initiated the UNDRR Arise network in the UAE working with the UAE Government to make UAE more resilient focusing on environmental resilience and business continuity. He launched the first COVID-19 Rehab program to support people medically, nutrition wise and mentally. He also leads the Middle East Cities Centre at the American University in Dubai advancing sustainability research in the region. He is part of the Porter's team on sustainable competitiveness. He is currently working on ISO for resilient buildings and infrastructures.


Mahmoud AlBurai has initated new partnership models between the government and the private sector. He has been involved in youth and sustainability work. He has supported his actions with research and development.


Mahmoud AlBurai has created a real partnership between government and private sector which led to the creation of green building, resilient buildings codes. He has inspired students to led sustainability initiatives.  He created the argest women empowerment platform in the UAE. He is currently working on ISO for resilient buildings and infrastructures. 

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