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Egypt Urban Campaign - The Road to WUF 12

Focused on fostering dialogue and collaboration, the campaign's six pillars—people, heritage, resilience, inclusion, well-being, and housing—provided a framework for tackling pressing urban challenges. Organizations and stakeholders mobilized to engage in meaningful conversations and outline actionable solutions through their following events. 

The stage was set at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University in Giza, Egypt, on April 23rd. The Urban Thinkers Assembly Event emerged as a pivotal moment. Urban thinkers from diverse backgrounds converged, eager to exchange ideas and shape the campaign's trajectory.

Speakers took the stage, sharing their success activities and highlighting areas needing urgent attention. The assembly was more than a gathering; it was a catalyst for action. Ideas sparked at the event, including those from our esteemed audience, would ripple across communities, igniting initiatives and shaping Egypt's urban landscape.

With newfound insights and strengthened collaborations, the Egypt Urban Campaign set its sights on WUF 12. The EUC partners' voice in the global urban dialogue was poised to resonate louder than ever, reflecting a collective commitment to building inclusive, resilient cities.

With each step taken, the vision of a sustainable urban future grew clearer, fueled by the spirit of innovation and collaboration ignited at the Urban Thinkers Assembly. The road to WUF 12 was not just a journey; it was a transformative experience, heralding a new era of urban development in Egypt and beyond.


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