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#HOUSINGMATTERS - Taking Action on Low Carbon & Inclusive Housing @COP28

By the year 2030, about 3 billion people will require access to adequate housing.

The provision of affordable housing has become an urgent imperative. Housing serves as our first line of defense against the challenges of climate change. Housing represents more than just a roof over our heads; it encompasses the provision of essential services for people to live with dignity and access opportunities.

Confronting the housing crisis can evolve into a pivotal opportunity to address climate challenges more effectively. Housing can significantly reduce carbon emissions through efficient housing policies, the adoption of low-carbon materials and the promotion of zero-waste practices— essential for mitigating the environmental footprint of the housing sector.

The session will discuss successful approaches and will be the opportunity to launch the “Housing Matters” global campaign touching upon interconnected topics, through a holistic approach to act together.




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