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WUC VIDEO: "Transforming Urban Landscapes: Lessons from Latin America and the Caribbean" by CEDEUS

Explore an insightful reflection on urban improvement in Latin America and the Caribbean through this video. Despite apparent challenges in progress, peace, and inclusion, cities in this region are rich with valuable and innovative experiences that we must share.

Through the example of Medellín, Colombia, discover how a crisis catalyzed transformative physical and social interventions. Participatory projects like building cable cars and public facilities in informal neighborhoods revitalized and secured urban spaces in Medellín.

Continuing this discussion, Chile also faces unique challenges, especially in social housing areas built with public programs. The mixed results of these initiatives have led to innovative programs, such as learning paths designed by young architects to improve accessibility and safety for children on their way to school.

This video provides a critical glimpse into efforts to transform urban neighborhoods while highlighting persistent challenges and lessons learned. It underscores the importance of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability in shaping inclusive and sustainable cities in our region.

Credits: Project & Photos: Architect Cristian Robertson, Arquitecto Universidad Católica de Chile. Msc. in Building and Urban Design in Development, The Bartlett. UCL - ARDEU

Photos: CEDEU (CC), World Urban Campaign (CC), (CC) More information: / /


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