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UN-HABITAT ANNUAL REPORT 2023: Local action in a time of crises

In a world facing multiple crises, cities play a crucial role in driving change. The 2023 UN-Habitat report emphasizes the urgent need for urban transformation to tackle issues like climate change and inequality. It also underscores the essential role of cities in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Given that urban areas are responsible for over 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, it is imperative to transform our cities.

Traditional urban development models are no longer adequate. Cities have significant influence, generating more than 70 percent of global GDP and playing a key role in achieving over 65 percent of the SDGs. However, there are still significant challenges, especially the global housing crisis.

In 2023, the UN-Habitat Assembly reaffirmed that adequate housing is a fundamental human right, signaling a renewed commitment to sustainable development. At COP28, UN-Habitat emphasized the importance of urbanization and local initiatives in climate strategies. Looking ahead, the UN Summit of the Future and the World Urban Forum will be crucial in shaping urban policies. Our future is undoubtedly urban, requiring immediate action to promote a more equitable and sustainable world.


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