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Urban Egypt Campaign - Eco-Fiesta: Embracing Sustainable Urban Living

Join Us at Eco-Fiesta: Embracing Sustainable Urban Living

Ain Shams University's Faculty of Engineering is excited to invite you to the 2nd Event of its Urban Thinkers Campus, titled "Sustainable and Energy Efficient Urban Living," in support of the Egypt Urban Campaign Initiative towards the World Urban Forum (WUF12).

Date/Time: 8th of May 2024, from 10am till 3pm

This engaging event aims to raise awareness, inspire change, and empower action within our community to adopt practices that create a more sustainable and efficient urban environment.

The Eco-Fiesta will showcase innovative approaches and highlight the critical role of innovation in developing environmentally responsible cities for the future.

Event Objectives:

  1. Increase Awareness: Participants will gain insights into key concepts of sustainable urban living and their connection to well-being. Environmental challenges faced by cities and success stories in sustainable practices will be showcased, along with an exploration of the importance of "soundscape" in architectural and urbanistic design.

  2. Shift Mindsets: We'll challenge traditional perspectives on urban living and promote healthy, eco-friendly choices. The event aims to inspire a sense of community responsibility for creating thriving urban environments, while also exploring the relationship between sound ecology and town planning.

  3. Empower Action: Attendees will be equipped with practical tools and resources to implement sustainable practices in their daily lives. They'll have the opportunity to connect with local initiatives promoting sustainable living and foster ongoing collaboration.

Event Highlights:

  • Sustainability Awareness Session: Explore innovative solutions for sustainable urban changes.

  • Sound Ecology Session: Delve into the relationship between urban environments and sound, aligning with the UNESCO Week of Sound theme.

Interactive Workshops and Exhibition:

  • Planting Workshop: Hands-on session teaching eco-friendly gardening practices.

  • Fashion Up-Cycle Workshop: Transform pre-loved clothes and reduce waste.

  • Local Eco-Brand Exhibit: Discover sustainable fashion and lifestyle products fostering a circular economy.

Venue: Faculty of Engineering Campus, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Partner Organizations:

  • Growpro: Hosting a beginner planting workshop.

  • Shagrha: Conducting a faculty planting workshop and talk.

  • We Care: Exhibiting sustainable living practices.

  • Egyptian Clothing Bank: Showcasing eco-conscious fashion.

  • Almah Vintage: Featuring local sustainable brands.

Contact Email: For more information, please reach out to Prof. Dr. Marwa A. Khalifa at

Get inspired, network, & have fun!  Register now!


Please note that Workshops require additional registration:

For Grow Pro Workshop registration, ! 

For Shagrha Workshop registration, !

Let's come together to raise awareness, inspire change, and empower action towards a greener future!


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