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WUC PARTNERS - Invitation to Submit Application for Side Events at UN-Habitat Assembly

We are writing to inform you that the application for side events for the upcoming UN-Habitat Assembly is now open. This is a great opportunity for your organization to showcase its work and initiatives. The deadline for side event application is 11 April 2023.

Side events are focused discussions or presentations relevant to the overall theme of the United Nations Habitat Assembly and take place on the margins of the official meetings of the Assembly. For the upcoming second session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly, Member States, Non-Member States, United Nations system organizations, Intergovernmental organizations, and accredited stakeholders are invited to apply to host a side event.

Side events will be an integral element of the second session of the United Nations Habitat Assembly and will be held from Monday 5 June through to Thursday 8 June 2023. Events will be scheduled outside of the designated hours for plenary meetings of the Assembly, including during lunch and evening periods, for a maximum duration of 60 minutes each. The specific dates and times of side events will be confirmed upon selection of the events.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Many thanks and kind regards,

World Urban Campaign Secretariat

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