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Guys must answer this question for themselves. They must know the main reason behind their insecurity. There's generally a cause to a guy's insecurity. Would you fear rejection? Are you currently insecure because the lady you had a great relationship with rejected you? Or you think you have always had hard luck with girls? Might be you have several past experiences that make you sure of having rejected with a girl. Look inside, consider again and again what are the reasons that stop you from approaching a girl. There are certainly a million reasons, but only one נערת ליווי or two major reasons stop you from overcoming your insecurity. You'll need to locate them out. Take the time to answer this crucial question. Now that you realize the main cause of your growing insecurity, you need to begin letting yesteryear go. By overcoming past, you open new avenues. The long run starts looking fresh and bright. Ponder over it as a fresh beginning and create a fresh start. Just as we say not absolutely all men are the same, similarly not absolutely all women will be the same. Not totally all girls would hurt you the way in which others did. Know that many people are hurt sooner or later in life. You'd your share and now you can start afresh with a fresh girl.

נערת ליווי
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