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The first thing you should do if you are thinking of asking someone to write my research paper is to make sure that you are clear about the topic. Avoid a topic that is too current or too local. Also, you should avoid a topic that is extremely analytical or technical. Instead, you should conduct background research and brainstorm with your professor.

Secondly, check the requirements of your assignment. Usually, a research paper is divided into a body and an introduction. These sections should complement each other. The first draft of your paper does not need to be perfect - it can always be revised and improved later. Make sure that your writer follows all the requirements so that you can get your research paper done in a timely manner.

Next, make an outline. Outlines are a good way to keep yourself organized and focused. They can help you identify the main points and arguments in a piece of writing. Then, they can help you write the body of the paper. In addition, they will also help you identify the sources you've used.

Once you've outlined the topic of your research paper, you should write a thesis statement. A thesis statement is an essential part of a research paper because it establishes the purpose and position of your paper. It should clearly answer the research question and provide evidence to support it. The thesis statement should be both coherent and contentious.



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