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Voicify offers the same robust analytics capability regardless of one's chosen endpoint commercial or branded voice assistant or chatbot. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Samsung Bixby all want your can purchase your data. Voicify believes that conversational data is yours. Quite a few customers are chatbot builder leveraging the Voicify Voice App Platform for the analytics insights we enable, which is exponentially deeper and more meaningful than commercial assistants and is what you would expect for a custom assistant. Because Voicify is constructed with APIs in its foundation, bringing data from Voicify to your own personal business intelligence platform is simple. Your true omni-channel view of your visitors, prospects, employees – even your customer support – now includes voice.With most of the metrics you've come used to across your digital tools, Voicify brings them for you in a stylish and easily navigable user interface. Drill into content, platforms, endpoints or keep it higher level for trends and general analysis.

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