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Egypt Urban Campaign 

Urban Thinkers Together Assembly Meeting

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Host: Cairo University / World Urban Campaign / UN-Habitat Egypt Office

Place: Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Giza, Egypt

(Architecture building, 5th floor)

Date: 23 April - Time: 09:30

Duration: 2:20

The Egypt Urban Campaign, spearheaded by UN-Habitat, is gearing up to prepare Egyptian organizations and citizens for the World Urban Forum 12 (WUF 12), aiming to elevate the event's significance for the nation's future. 

With a focus on fostering dialogue and collaboration, the Egypt Urban Campaign seeks to address pressing urban sustainability issues and encourage proactive exchanges among stakeholders on local urban challenges. Structured around six pillars covering topics such as population growth, heritage preservation, resilience, inclusion, well-being, and housing, the initiative aims to mobilize a broad network of Egypt-based entities, to engage in a meaningful conversation, outline solutions to current and future challenges.

The Urban Thinkers Assembly Event 1 provides an engagement stage for urban thinkers to converge and exchange ideas on critical urban issues. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to share progress to date in their campaign activities and adjust the trajectory of the road map to make it a successful initiative towards WUF12.



9:30 | Welcome and introduction (20 min) 

  1. Dr Emad El Sherbiny, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, and Head of the Department of Architecture

  2. Dr. Sahar Attia, Professor of Architecture & Urban Design ,Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University 

  3. Hon. Government Representation 


  1. Acknowledgment of Attendees

9:50 | Egypt Urban Campaign Overview (10 min)

  1. Dr. Christine Auclair, Head Advocacy & Campaign Unit, WUC Coordinator, UN-Habitat

  2. Mr. Amr Lashin, Program Manager, Urban Governance, Policies and Legislation, UN-Habitat Egypt Office


  1. Brief history and objectives

  2. Progress update

  3. Roadmap for the future

10:20 | Engagement Stage - Part 1: Government and Private Sector Partnerships (30 min)


Government Partners

  1. Presentation

  2. Insights on collaboration and initiatives


Private Sector Partners 

  1. Presentation

  2. Insights on collaboration and initiatives


10: 50 | Coffee Break (20 min)


11:10 | Engagement Stage - Part 2: Civil Society, Academia, and UN Partnerships (50 min)


Civil Society Partners

  1. Presentation

  2. Insights on collaboration and initiatives


Universities, Research, Academia

  1. Presentation

  2. Insights on collaboration and initiatives


UN Organizations and Other Stakeholders

  1. Presentation

  2. Insights on collaboration and initiatives


12:00 | Conclusion and Way Forward (10 min)

  1. Summary of key points discussed.

  2. Next steps and actionable insights for continued collaboration

  3. Appreciation and Closing Remarks by Host

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