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The Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) is conceived as an open space for critical exchange between urban researchers, professionals, and decision-makers who believe that urbanization is an opportunity and can lead to positive urban transformations. It is meant to contribute to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.



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21-22 March 2024 


By Smartly, UIA, University of St. Gallen


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8 May 2024

Eco Fiesta - Embracing Sustainable Urban Living

Ain Shams University


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06 June 2024

Urban Thinkers Campus on Land-Based Finance

By Smartly


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27 - 29 June 2024

Youth Climate talk




17 - 22 April 2024

AUC Tahrir Cultural Fest

American University of Cairo


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30 May - 02 June 2024

Festival Faire Autrement

Familistère de Guise


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11 - 12 June 2024

Housing for Challenges for Women: Exploring Solutions and Support Systems

Urban Economy Forum



1. Affordable Housing as a Key to Sustainable Development. GPEAN Global Planners Education Association Network

2. Building Sustainable Eco-Cities: A Collaboration Platform Between African and French Cities for a Sustainable Urban Future. Fondation Eboko 

3. Collective HOMEwork: Co-creating Solutions for the Global Housing Crisis - Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)

4. Community Land Trust, a tool for fair and affordable access to housing - DINÂMIA’CET-Iscte 

5. Holistic Housing: Biourbanism and Ecocities' Approach to Healthy Human Habitats - Ecocity Builders 

6. Housing and Decarbonization Lab - Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization

7. Housing Matters in Local Government  for Better Life - 4-H Nepal

8. Integrated Urban Development: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Cities - Urban Development Fund

9. Reimagining Housing - Innovating for the Climate Transition - Global Urban Development Malta (GUD Malta)

10. Safe, affordable and inclusive housing for all - Red Dot Foundation

11. Smart Cities: Green and Renewable Energy - Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University

12. Sustainable and affordable housing and the issues of the informal city - Urbanistes Sans Frontieres (USF)

13. Sustainable Housing for a Sustainable City - The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

14. Urban Legislation and Right to the City: A new paradigm for implementation of NUA and SDG 11 - CJUR International 

15. UrbEx: Urban Walk Series  - School of Public Policy, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

16. UTC Sustainability in the Built Environment: Galapagos experience - Smartly Social Enterprise on the SDGs 


  1. Environmental Technologies to Empower the Unseen: A Retrofitting Revolution - NextArch Lab, AUC Architecture

  2. Livable Neighborhoods in the Metropolis - Densification and Localisation - Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

  3. Sustainable Architecture - Egypt Go Green

  4. Shaping Urban Futures with Sustainable Housing and Mobility in Amman, Jordan - German Jordanian University, Road Safety Center of Excellence/ Amman, Jordan

  5. Holistic Housing Solutions for Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Futures - Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK)

  6. Climate-Smart Transportation, Mobility, and the Public Realm - PLACE Initiative

  7. Jovenes construyendo Latinoamerica - TECHO

  8. The City Children Need - UN-Habitat

  9. Innovacion en la adaptacion de los asentamientos informales al cambio climatico en America Latina y el Caribe      - Habitat for Humanity International

  10. Urban Thinkers Campus on Land-Value Capture - Smartly Social Enterprise on the SDGs

  11. Participatory open science to build inclusive and sustainable rural, rurban and urban territories. A multi-stakeholder and people-centered approach - Open Urbanism Foundation 

  12. The city of choice program - Safer Nairobi Initiative

  13. Urban Planning systems - towards comprehensive and integrated urban development and housing - ISOCARP Institute, The Hague

  14. Urban Thinkers Session - Powering Young Initiatives

  15. Editing Urban Assets and Housing with Sustainable Innovation Zones  -  Global Urban Development (GUD)

  16. Vivienda digna, ciudad segura y resilente : los retos de los barrios populares y las mujeres de base en Peru  - Huairou Commission

  17. Canada Frontrunner of Urban SDGs: A Journey towards SDGs, Housing Innovations, and Urban Transformation  - Urban Economy Forum

  18. Empowering Urban Futures: Climate-Resilient Inclusive Development in eThekwini.  - City People eThekwini

  19. Housing Challenges for Women: Exploring Solutions and Support Systems - Urban Economy Forum

  20. Linking Sustainable Housing to Sustainable Communities: Principles and Practice - Arcadis

  21. La ville informelle au Maroc et la problematique de son integration de la ville - Ibn Tofail University

  22. Ciudades para la vida  Innovacion - Ciudadana Oaxaca

  23. Sustainable Housing: Conversations Across Communities  - Global Urban Sustainable Center

  24. Rethinking Housing: Towards a Sustainable Urban Future  - Global Urban Development (GUD)

  25. Voluntary repatriation process as a sustainable housing innovation - Mangu Integrated Community Project

  26. Status of susbstandard Roma settlements in Serbia - University Union Nikola Tesla 

  27. Crisis to Resilience: A Sustainable Future for housing and Communities in the face of extreme weather and climate change - Bangladesh Institute of Planners 

  28. Communities of future focus on affordability sustainability and resilience - Dubai land department

  29. Fabriquer la ville inclusive : des Hauts-de-France à Medellin ou Nairobi - Le Familistere de Guise

(We will added on the list below, once approved.)

Because housing matters,
we need to unite and act
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