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The World Urban Campaign Secretariat invites interested applicants to submit their candidacies for the World Urban Campaign Steering Committee positions from Thursday 7 April to 15 May 2022 (midnight CET). 


This election is open to all individuals belonging to WUC partner organizations. Individuals applying MUST represent their organization. 

The following POSITIONS are opened:

  • Two WUC Chairs (to oversee the WUC Steering Committee)

  • Two Chairs for each of the following Partner Constituent Groups (PCG):

1.    Local and Sub-national Authorities 
2.    Research and Academia 
3.    Civil Society Organizations 
4.    Grassroots Organizations 
5.    Women 
6.    Parliamentarians 
7.    Children and Youth 
8.    Business and Industries 
9.    Foundations and Philanthropies
10.    Professionals 
11.    Parliamentarians  
12.    Trade Unions and Workers 
13.    Farmers 
14.    Indigenous People 
15.    Medias 
16.    Older Persons

Candidates may apply to the position of WUC Chair and/or one (only) of the 16 PCG Chairs positions. Candidates cannot be elected to more than one position. In case a candidate gathers the majority of votes for two positions, he/she will have to step down from one of the two.


•    Complete this application form HERE to introduce yourself and explain your motivations with regard to the positions.
•    Send a letter signed by the head of your organization confirming your candidacy to represent your organization (addressed by email to

May you have difficulties filling out the application form below, please send your letter of candidacy (introduction and motivations) to the Secretariat (


The names of candidates with their statements of interest will be published online on the WUC website before 30 May 2022. The voting will take place from 30 May to 20 June 2022. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information,


Many thanks and kind regards,
WUC Secretariat 

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