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12 Urban thinkers Campuses approved !

The World Urban Campaign Steering Committee has recently approved the establishment of 11 new Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTCs) during the second call for proposals. This exciting development marks a significant step forward in shaping the future of sustainable cities worldwide. In addition, due to the overwhelming response and the desire to include more innovative ideas, the committee has extended the call for proposals until the end of the month.

The Urban Thinkers Campus initiative, a flagship program of the World Urban Campaign, aims to engage diverse stakeholders in urban development, encourage knowledge sharing, and foster collaborative solutions for sustainable cities. UTCs serve as platforms for experts, practitioners, and citizens to come together and exchange ideas, explore innovative approaches, and address critical urban challenges.

With the extended call for proposals, the World Urban Campaign invites organizations passionate about urban sustainability to seize this opportunity. Together, we can shape the future of our cities, paving the way for livable, resilient, and equitable urban environments. By submitting proposals and participating in the Urban Thinkers Campuses, we contribute to a global movement that seeks to transform cities into vibrant and sustainable hubs of progress.



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