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Save the Date: Grand Opening of The World Urban Pavilion in Regent Park - April 21, 2022

WHEN: Join us virtually for the grand opening of the World Urban Pavilion (Pavilion) in Regent Park on April 21, 2022, at 11:00 am (Canada Eastern Time), in celebration of World Creativity and Innovation Day.

WHAT: The Pavilion is the result of a strategic collaboration between the founding partners, Urban Economy Forum, UN-Habitat, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and The Daniels Corporation. Based in Toronto’s Regent Park, a globally recognized innovative urban revitalization program, the Pavilion aspires to become a global knowledge hub that shares best practices, promotes research and conducts social and institutional innovations in sustainable urban development.

The Pavilion will support cities and communities to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular, SDG11: sustainable and resilient cities and communities. It will do this through local and global partnerships driven by creativity and innovation.

During the official opening, we will announce one of the Pavilion’s main programs: UN-Habitat’s SDG Cities Initiative. SDG Cities will provide cities and countries including Canada with a global platform from which to introduce innovative approaches to inclusion, resilience, affordable housing and sustainable urban development.

The official opening also celebrates an introduction to The Virtual Pavilion by Harvard University, highlighting how cities and urban stakeholders across the globe can interact with this virtual platform to share ideas and learn best practices from each other. SPECIAL

REMARKS FROM: We are honoured that Minister Ahmed Hussen, Canadian Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion will join us for the Pavilion’s grand opening. Also joining is Reza Pourvaziry, Chair of Urban Economy Forum, Raf Tuts, Director of Global Solution of UN-Habitat, Romy Bowers, President of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Mitchell Cohen, President & CEO of The Daniels Corporation, and Diane Davis, Professor of Regional Planning and Urbanism of Harvard University. Both Marlene DeGenova and Ibrahim Afrah will also join as Regent Park Community Representatives.

REGISTRATION: We welcome all to join us on April 21, 2022, either virtually at 11:00 am (Canada Eastern Time), or physically after 1:00 pm to share in the excitement. You can register for the event for free here.

The Pavilion will be officially opened to the public at 1:00 pm (Canada Eastern Time) where everyone can experience the Pavilion’s first part of the exhibition series titled Canada Home. The exhibition will explore Resilient Models of Mixed-Use Buildings and is being organized by the School of Cities, the University of Toronto, and the Pavilion’s partners. SDG Cities Global Hub will also be inaugurated with an exhibition. Attendees will also be able to join Regent Park residents on walking tours of the community to learn about the rich history and vibrancy of Regent Park.

For the most up to date news on the grand opening of the World Urban Pavilion, make sure to follow the Urban Economy Forum on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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