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The USH (Union Sociale pour l'habitat) presents its manifesto entitled "For affordable and sustainable housing for all European citizens"

On June 9, the European elections are approaching, and the Union Sociale pour l'habitat (Social Housing Union) is presenting its manifesto, "For affordable and sustainable housing for all European citizens." The USH aims to fuel the ongoing debate and make affordable and sustainable housing one of the critical issues of the next European mandate.

Europe is indeed facing an unprecedented housing crisis, exacerbated by climate change:

Nine hundred thousand people are currently homeless in Europe. Rents have increased on average by 19% in one year, and one in 10 European households faces excessive housing costs. Source: Declaration of the Ministers of Housing of the European Union, Belgian Presidency of the European Council, Liège, March 5, 2024.

This manifesto, disseminated as part of the election campaign, presents seven proposals to address a significant challenge to the social and economic cohesion of the European Union:

Launching a "European Marshall Plan" for massive investments in the thermal renovation of social and affordable housing in the Member States; Establishing a European platform for investment in social and affordable housing; Establishing a social tariff for energy, a basic necessity; Investing in social infrastructure under the Regions' cohesion policy; Recognizing investments in social housing in the reform of the economic governance of the eurozone; Providing a stable legal framework for these investments (state aid, reduced VAT rates, approval of social landlords, public-public cooperation...) and European regulation of short-term rentals; Organizing a European summit on affordable and sustainable housing initiated by the European Parliament and publishing an annual report by the Parliament on the state of housing in the Union.

According to Emmanuelle Cosse, President of the Union Sociale pour l'habitat: "We expect pragmatic and ambitious responses from the European Union's political sphere. Our Movement puts forward this Housing Pact 2024-2029 in the public debate to defend and illustrate the grand idea of affordable and sustainable housing. On June 9, every citizen will influence the future of social housing!"



Press Release - USH presents its manifesto "For affordable and sustainable housing for all citizens". HERE


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