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Tribute to Cecil Steward, WUC ChaIR

We are profoundly saddened at the death of Cecil Steward, a member of our World Urban Campaign Steering Committee. Cecil passed away in Nebraska on 2 November 2021.

Cecil Steward was the first dean of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Architecture. He served in the role for more than 27 years and retired in 2000. During his retirement, he continued to be dedicated to urban issues and was one of the founders of the World Urban Campaign launched in 2010 at the 5th World Urban Forum in Rio de Janeiro. He had a great impact on the thinking behind the campaign. He has continuously provided advice on the strategy to better advocate and engage organizations to elevate sustainable urbanization. In the last two years he chaired the WUC ‘Older Persons’ Constituency, highlighting the consistant gaps in addressing the needs of the elderly in urban settings.

Cecil Steward was a determined advocate and thinkers of urban sustainability. He wrote Sustainometrics, a great piece to conceptualize and navigate the dynamics of change in the making of cities, buildings, and products through five domains of sustainometrics to guide holistic solutions balancing human needs with the depletion of natural resources.

At the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s College of Architecture, Steward led the conversion of the university’s architecture program into a six-year, professional status program; added a public service center for community development; transferred the interior design degree to the College of Architecture; secured departmental status for the Interior Design and Community and Regional Planning programs; and created the Hyde Programs for visiting scholars and lectures (see Tribute from Nebraska).

Cecil was a generous player and intellectual contributor to the WUC, an inspiration for all of us.

Our warm condolences to his family and friends.

The WUC Steering Committee and Secretariat


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