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(Taking-action, Resilience, Urban Sustainability & Territorial Actions for SDGs)

The URBAN THINKERS CAMPUS will be held concurrently with the 59th ISOCARP (International Society of Cities and Regional Planners) Congress in Toronto (Canada), 10-13 October.

Main organizer: ISOCARP, with the kind support of UEF, IFLA, C40, IMF, CNU, APUR

12 October 2023, 10:15 AM – 12:45 + 13:45 – 14:45 AM (CANADA/Toronto),


Cities, house over half of the global population, consume two-thirds of the world's energy

and account for 70% of global emissions. Despite contributing up to 80% of the global GDP,

cities grapple with social, economic, and environmental challenges. Rapid urbanization has

outpaced the development of effective urban governance, fiscal resources, policies, and

planning, hindering sustainable development. Shrinkage, mining regions, and towns require

reimagining urban sustainability through green economies, nature-based solutions, and

fiscal measures. Climate crises and financial limitations exacerbate global urban challenges,

demanding a re-evaluation of policymaking, planning, investment, and climate-responsive

strategies. Improved policies, planning, and investments are urgently needed to ensure

quality living conditions while addressing unsustainable practices like urban sprawl and

inequitable real estate development models.

The 27th session of COP to the UNFCCC highlighted the importance of integrating

policymaking, planning, and finance to achieve urban sustainability and resilience while

acknowledging the significant role of cities in global climate change. The UN-Habitat's CCCI

calls for support to cities in low- and middle-income countries that lack the capacity and

resources to effectively respond to climate change. To facilitate a collaborative response,

the UEF and ISOCARP have jointly organized the UEF5 and WPC59, titled "For Climate

Action, Urban Finance: Climate Responsive Planning for Equitable Places & Communities."

This conference aims to stimulate discussions and initiatives addressing climate action,

urban finance, and equitable urban planning in order to achieve the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs).

As part of the conference, the Urban Thinkers Campus "TRUST Actions for SDGs" will be a

platform to enable knowledge transfer, exchange and discussions with an auditorium setting.

Its goal is to provide a current assessment of our progress and offer guidelines on the

necessary actions to achieve the SDGs, informed by the most recent developments in 8 key

topics that correspond to the 10 action areas of “The City we need Now!”.


The event is moderated by SabinaDimitriuand Pietro Elisei (ISOCARP)

Republished from ISOCARP


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