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UTC - The City We Need Now’: Envisioning a smart and sustainable future for Hong Kong

The #Urban_Thinkers_Campus 7.0, co-organized by Urban Studies Programme, CUHK and Designing Hong Kong, will be held on 18 June 2022. We are inviting young stakeholders from the academia, community, and industries to share their views on the topic “The City We Need Now”. In response to the Hong Kong government’s announcement on the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy and the final report of “Hong Kong 2030+”, we aim to discuss and come up with ideas to identify key pathways towards ensuring a smart and sustainable Hong Kong, fulfilling people’s needs and aspirations and nurturing the well-being of future generations.

By adopting the framework of SDGs and principles of the New Urban Agenda, the discussions of the Campus will centre around four key action areas of “The City We Need Now”: (1) Health and well-being, (3) Climate adaptation and resilience, ( Urban planning and design, and (9) Housing, services and mobility.

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