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UTC - 2021 PLACE Initiative Climate Summit

Electric cars and solar panels won’t be enough. The effort to combat Climate Change hinges upon good urbanism – the key ingredient to reduce demand for energy and to allow us to meet our GHG emission reduction goals by 2050. Urbanism is the force multiplier in our effort to avoid the worst impacts from climate change, and build resilient communities that will better weather the impacts of the effects to come.

PLACE Initiative is partnering with the World Urban Campaign, a program of the UN-Habitat, and CNU to host a virtual Urban Thinker’s Campus (UTC) from May 17th through May 22nd, 2021 that elevates urbanism as a platform of participatory, inclusive solutions to climate change.


We will draw on industry leaders to lead discussions on how urbanism can play a central role in climate response, including tools and strategies incorporating resilience & adaptation, transportation, natural & working lands, and socially equitable development.

Discussions will focus on doing: what to do, how to do it, who will benefit from doing it, and how to do more of it, faster. We aim to bring new voices to the movement, inclusive of BIPOC perspectives, to expand on climate innovation while actively engaging CNU members and other stakeholders who want to participate. This is an inclusive opportunity to share, learn, and innovate. The result will be an action plan to tackle our world’s biggest issue – our way.

Presentations and discussions will be broken into four topics:

  1. Resilience & Adaptation

  2. Transportation

  3. Natural & Working Lands

  4. Equitable Development

We are actively looking for proposals for quick 5-minute lightning presentations! Anyone is welcome to submit an idea, proposal, work sample, or other innovation that may help to advance change at the intersection of climate, equity, and urbanism.


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