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In 2021, the World Urban Campaign (WUC) was dedicated to climate action. WUC Partners planned some 35 Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) with 21 already held on the lead to the United Nations Climate Change Summit (COP26). Campus events have explored climate action solutions and establish synergies for concrete actions and recommendations. In addition, the WUC Partners have recognized 12 individual ‘City Changers’ for their outstanding contributions to address the challenges of climate change and increase awareness on urban issues.

The City Changers in 2021 have demonstrated their impact through concrete actions to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda towards ‘The City We Need Now.’ They have shown us the power of country, city and community level actions that engage the public and demonstrate the value of attitudes and practices towards improving the livability of cities. They have also shed light on the need to ensure equitable distribution and preservation of fundamental resources to guarantee their availability for future generations.

The 12 individuals listed below have produced concrete solutions in tackling climate change and have exemplified what it truly means to be a #CITYCHANGER by addressing the challenges of inequalities, housing, water, sanitation, mobility, health and safety in cities and communities around the world. After COP 26, it will be crucial to continue scaling the successful path laid by these individuals in challenging urbanites to contribute actively to creating good cities for all by aiming directly at sensitizing and creating awareness among citizens on urban issues.


1. Peter Kurz (Lord Mayor of Mannheim) Mannheim, Germany

2. Anil Kumar (Mayor of Kochi) Kochi, India

3. Mahmoud AlBurai (Senior Advisor Real Estate Regulatory Agency) Dubai, UAE

4. Maria R. Perbellini (CO-Founder Pongratz Perbellini Architects) NYC, USA

5. Arpita Bhagat (Campaign Manager, Purpose) Mumbai, India

6. David Sagita (Board Advisor of the Center for Climate and Urban Resilience)

7. Dave Adamson (Group Chief Strategic Engagement Officer, Compass Housing)

8. Alberto Núñez (Founder, Guerrilla Verde) Asuncion, Paraguay

9. Marc A. Weiss (Chairman and CEO, Global Urban Development) Washington, USA

10. Nelly Watta (Winam Grassroots) Kisumu, Kenya

11. Evangelina Colli (Director Smartly Social Entrepreneurship on the SDGs)

12. Magatte Diouf (UrbaSen) Dakar, Senegal

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