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Make it happen by joining the World Urban Campaign, a catalytic engagement and action platform led by UN-HABITAT, the United Nations Human Settlements Programme, to improve 1,000 Cities, 1 Billion Lives by 2030. Together, we will showcase solutions for #Urban Resilience facing #Urban Crises around the world and take action.

UN-HABITAT works in +90 countries and cities around the world but jointly, we can achieve higher impacts on the ground through compelling knowledge and data, innovation, effective processes to improve housing and urban infrastructure, water and sanitation, energy and mobility, urban safety, and accelerate the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals.

Panelists will discuss high impact actions, in light of pressing global issues, and the critical role for urban innovators, real estate and operators in cities around the world.


Mohammad Albuty

Chef Executive Officer

National Housing Company

(NHC), Saudi Arabia

A high impact national vision to reach global goals.

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Neil Khor

Director, External

Relations, Strategy,

Knowledge & Innovation

United Nations Human

Settlements Programme

1000 Cities, 1 Billion Lives – High impact
partnership with UN-Habitat.

Susan Greenfield

Global President


International Real

Estate Federation

Real Estate for Better Cities -

Trends in high impact projects.

Mahmoud Alburai


FIABCI Emirates

& Middle East SDG's Academy

Urban Transformation in the Middle East. New directions for high impact and sustainability.

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Marjolijn Versteegden

Global Solution Director

Net Zero Facilities &

Sustainable Communities


Why ESG and SDGs matter to 

our business at ARCADIS

Carlos Moreno

Co-Founder & Scientific

Director Entrepreneurship,

Territory, Innovation, Paris I

Pantheon Sorbonne University

The 15 Minutes City - High impact solution to build back better

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Tanya Huizer


Global Shelter Program


ARCADIS & UN-HABITAT - A Successful partnership delivering on the ground. 

Christine Auclair


World Urban Campaign

United Nations Human

Settlements Programme


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